Top 5 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes In 2021

Top 5 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes In 2021

In WordPress themes or templates there is a difference between free and paid (premium) templates is not new, but when choosing a web page design in addition to projecting a good image remember that loading speed and optimization is what now Trend mark.

Below I propose to take a look at best SEO friendly WordPress themes, all themes are optimized for SEO and don’t forget that you can contact me if you need any info related to the best SEO friendly WordPress themes.

These days for a site SEO is the significant thing, and for this, you need to choose the best SEO cordial WordPress subjects for your blog. Some best SEO cordial WordPress subjects are given below:

1. Sara Log

Sara Log is a clean SEO friendly blog theme with minimal design architecture. It is a perfect theme for writers who need to create simple and creative personal blogging site. The main objective of this theme is to create effects to make readers feel the pleasure of reading blog posts and articles.

2.Avada Theme

Avada is a staff in continuous development. You will be updated all the time. The simple design is customizable. It is also responsive. It has sliders that, if you work with demanding clients, you will earn points.

An image presentation on Avada will be your best cover letter. Cool page editor as well as posts.

With its Builder function, you will fulfill like many the dream of dragging and dropping elements that will make up your web page.

As for pages and entries, you will add backgrounds and remove colors without damaging the others.

3. Divi

It has pre-designed templates and multiple resources. Assembling the header and footer will be a matter of minutes.

A variety of fonts, colors, and full logo control includes Divi Builder page editor – an SEO friendly layout artist. It is responsive and one of the most used topics in regard to electronic commerce.

It should be noted that Divi is at the height of the aforementioned Avada, but experts claim that Divi is better.

4. Astra

Astra is the fastest, flexible and free WordPress theme that is intuitive and offers deeper integration with WooCommerce. With unique features and countless customizations you can build a store that matches your brand.

Astra theme is simple and elegant theme for the blogger to easily customize and build your online brand.

5. OceanWP

OceanWP is the favorite choice of thousands of developers, website designers, eCommerce store owners and hobby users.

7 key factors to choose the best SEO friendly WordPress themes:

We are going to share 7 important tips to help you in selecting your next SEO friendly WordPress theme. These are the 7 important factors that you should take into account when choosing the best SEO friendly WordPress themes.

The code is clean and fast enough:

The code plays an important role. Every time a user visits your WordPress blog, a lot of your WordPress theme’s code runs on the back-end.

If the code is not optimized and well written it will lead to an increase in page load time, and a little bug in the code can ruin everything.

If the code is not spelled correctly it can cause problems for search engine crawlers while crawling your pages to index.

Try Marge CSS and JavaScript files:

Always try to minimize the number of CSS and Javascript files, the less the better for SEO.

Search engines don’t like Javascript files because they cannot process them and if they are not loading asynchronously they are blocking the rendering of pages which means an increase in page load time leading to Bad user experience.

Simple distributions:

Go For simple and easy-to-use layouts, don’t go for sophisticated layouts where a user will have a hard time navigating from one page to another.

A user should be able to find other related pages easily and also the conversion rate improves (if there are too many options the user is confused).

Schema Markups:

Schema Markups helps search engines in identifying various things on their pages.

They tell search engines where the header, sidebar, footer, and most importantly the content is, so always go for topics that have Schema Markups.

With the help of the bookmarking scheme, search engines will be able to find the content of the pages easily.

Schema Markup also helps search engines identify the type of content as if it were a review or blog post.

Try to make the theme adapt as much as possible to what you are looking for:

Go to themes that provide most of the functionality you will be using.

Prefer themes that provide most of the functionality you will like to use.

For example: If you are going to use the social media sharing buttons, choose a theme that has social media buttons, because if you add a plugin for it, the plugin will increase the loading time of your pages.

It is always good if you can avoid plugins and you can have the functionality in your own theme.

Make it Responsive:

If it’s not adaptive, just don’t use it as the number of visitors from mobile devices and other devices is increasing and it can’t be avoided.

Google uses the responsiveness of a blog as a signal, while the ranking pages now in Search engines, therefore, require that the topic be customizable.

Optimized speed:

If it is optimized for speed, you can check it once using various available tools.

If a WordPress theme follows the above criteria, we can call it an SEO compliant WordPress theme and you can go for them.


Have it clear or you are about, take a tour of Theme Forest or Elegant Themes, WordPress digital sales platforms to choose any of these mentioned themes.

The investment will depend on you but never forget that loading speed and SEO optimization make the difference.

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